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Introduction to Hacking

Find out basic stuff about hacking.

Hacking and cracking are two very different things.
Hacking - Is finding information, and not stealing or dammaging anything in the prossess.
Cracking - Illagle hacking. Usually destroying files or information.
One of the most important things to know if you want to learn to hack is know everything you can about networks (how one computer talks to another)
If you are comming to this site for a quick solution to "finding out your boyfriends e-mail password" then you should just leave now. Hacking is not that easy. And to hack a big corperation like yahoo or lycos you would have to have mad skills or just plain be mad.
This site is here to aid in knowledge about hacking. To learn about what is surrounding us. And to know how to make your self less vournable.

Basic things to learn about NETWORKING

Sysco Networks
The 7 Layers of OSI
Networking Protocals
These are the main ones you want to concentrate on. Learn as much as you can.

Mess with the best,
Die like the rest