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Hack Website Tutorial
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Hack Website Tutorial

  • Computer
  • A burte force program (Brutus)
  • A password file Cracker (john the Ripper)
  • Pencil
  • paper
  • Port Scanner (nmap -Unix, Blues port scanner -windows)
  • Website to Hack

This is going to be in 2 parts.

Part 1 - Gathering Info   Part 2 - Getting In

WARNING: If your going to do this , do it to a small site, the bigger you get, the more trouble you can get in.


Lesson 1:

    Find the website you want to get into. for the example i will use Dont type the tings in ( )

Get into your MS-DOS prompt by clicking start then run. Type cmd - Windows xp, ME, 2000, or command - windows 9x.

Type Ping (hit enter)

I should look somthing like this:

C:/windows/desktop: ping

pinging [123.456.789.123] with 16 bytes of data

reply from 123.456.789.123
reply from 123.456.789.123
reply from 123.456.789.123

And then some information under this.

Write down the IP address (the numbers "123.456.789.123" They wont be these numbers most likley)

Open your port scan and uncheck the box that says ping in it. Then type the ip address in and hit scan. It should scan that ip address and tell you what ports are open.


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