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OSI 7 Layers
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Second Set OSI Layers

Transport Layers

  • Transport: This layer maintains flow control of data and provides for error checking and recovery of data between the devices. Flow control means that the Transport layer looks to see if data is coming from more than one application and integrates each application's data into a single stream for the physical network.
  • Network: The way that the data will be sent to the recipient device is determined in this layer. Logical Protocals, Routing, and addressing are handled here.
  • Data: In this layer, the appropriate physical protocol is assigned to the data. Also, the type of network and the packette sending is defined.
  • Physical: This is the level of the actual hardware. It defines the physical characteristics of the network such as connections, voltage levels and timing.

Layer 4 - Transport

Layer 3 - Network

Layer 2 - Data Link


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