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OSI 7 Layers
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OSI 7 Layers

Open Systems Interconnection

Just about every network you see now is based on the OSI layer model.
OSI was developed in 1984 by the International Orginisation for Standerdazation (ISO), a global federation of national standards organizations representing approximately 130 countries.

The core of this standard is the OSI Reference Model, a set of seven layers that define the different stages that data must go through to travel from one device to another over a network 

The best way to think about OSI layers is an assembly line. Eacy layer adds somthing to the information being sent across the network. Each layer adds somthing to prepare it for the next layer.
The 7 layers that seperate into 2 sets are:
  • Application : This is the layer that actually interacts with the Operating System or application when ever the user wants to send Files or information across the network.


  • Presentation : Layer 6 takes the data provided by the Application layer and converts it into a standard format that the other layers can understand.


  • Session : Starts, maintains and ends communication with the receiving device.


Layer 7 - Application (More Info)

Layer 6 - Presentation (more Info)

Layer 5 - Session

Next page deals with the Second set of the OSI layers.

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